Café Royce

Welcome to Café Royce (located inside The Royce)

At The Royce, we strive to create a warm, welcoming and supportive environment. We know, through over 30 years of experience in retirement living and aged care, that focusing on positivity is the key to happiness and a sense of wellbeing for all our residents and their families.

If you are looking for somewhere to catch up with friends or simply relax with a morning coffee and paper Café Royce is the perfect place.

Enjoy coffee from a bespoke Sydney roaster, Little Marionette and delicious pastries made on-site in a beautiful, light-filled environment in the heart of The Royce community.

From the moment you set foot inside Café Royce, Ross and his team will ensure that your experience is a memorable one. You will be welcomed like a returning friend. Ross’s passion for food is renowned across the industry.

Ross Dobson Cafe Royce

Ross Dobson, Operator of Café Royce

Ross Dobson is a local chef who grew up in South Penrith, he is known best for opening iconic dining spots; Café at Lewers, The Union Restaurant and is also an acclaimed author.

Ross decided to start a new chapter in his career and create healthy and nutritious food and better dining experiences for all the residents. Ross’s philosophy lies at the heart of Café Royce; “Food, and the hospitality associated with sharing the experience is very important to me, it’s a way of Life. Food makes people happy.”

Ross’ Recipes:

Passionfruit Syrup Cake 

Ross’ Books: 

by Ross Dobson (Phaidon, $65) 

Profiled recently by The New York Times, Ross’ anticipated new book celebrates the identity of Australian cuisine in 350 beloved recipes. Showcasing Australia’s diversity and rich melting pot of cultures, Australia: The Cookbook chronicles our nation’s history on a plate–from pre-colonisation years and through waves of immigration to our contemporary palate. 

Also featuring an essay on Indigenous food by Jody H. Orcher, an Ularai Barkandji woman and director of Wariku Bushfood Infusions, Ross’ book also pays homage to the tradition and cultural significance of First Nations cookery, bush tucker and Native ingredients. From popular antipodean dishes like pavlova and chicken parmi to less-familiar staples like Colonial goose and Lamb Ragù Pappardelle, Ross’ book is a passionate ode to the Australian culinary tradition.