Geriatric Care

Our Partnership With Geriatric Care Australia – Healthy Ageing Specialists

Like us, Geriatric Care Australia (GCA), are passionate about Healthy Ageing. Together, we aim to provide timely access to specialist doctor support, at no cost to residents.

Taking a Proactive Approach

GCA feels it is important to identify and address issues before they begin to impact on a person’s quality of life and threaten the concept of Healthy Ageing. By working with The Royce, GCA aims to provide Healthy Ageing support through geriatrician consultations. GCA hopes to improve the quality of life, independence, and wellbeing of residents who live within the community.

The Consultation

GCA’s geriatricians provide bulk-billed consultative services within The Royce. This ensures that individuals, regardless of physical or cognitive issues, have readily available access to specialist doctors who support Healthy Ageing. These services are provided through Comprehensive Geriatric Assessments with key areas of focus being:

  • Falls risk and management
  • Screening and management of cognitive issues
  • Assessment of functional needs
  • Mental health
  • Medication management
  • Education about the key concepts of Healthy Ageing
  • Family discussions and future goals of care
  • Allied Health referrals and patient-centred collaborative management plan

An initial assessment takes approximately 1 hour and provides a ‘blueprint’ to your current health status. A follow up, where necessary, is performed every 3-6 months, to review progress or further treatment requirements. This consultation requires a referral from your GP.

For more information call 9160 0079