Our Residents

Peter & Metse

It was time to downsize and after much searching in our preferred area, we eventually settled at The Royce, and what a great decision it was. Visitors and family liken it to arriving at a hotel, with a nearly full-time concierge and a café 6 days a week. We have access to a hairdressing and beauty salon as well as health services on particular days. The staff are just fabulous, always helpful, and friendly no matter what time of day you speak to them.

We have access to a gym, social club lounge, and library. There are numerous activities such as cards, trivia, bingo, and shuffleboard, all organised by residents in which we can participate as much as or little as we like. The social club, run by residents, organise monthly outings such as musicals, and at times 3-day trips as well as a monthly BBQ to celebrate birthdays.

Our comfortable apartment gives us the privacy we require but also access to a wonderful community of like-minded people who have moved here to enjoy their lives. We have the choice of joining in with the residents or isolating ourselves. At The Royce, you do not have to feel lonely as there are so many caring, friendly residents and staff. Are we happy and content here? Yes, extremely!

– Peter & Metse


I moved into The Royce on the 27th of March 2020. The very day the first lockdown began. My heart broke as I moved in, I was so very sad and lost, but I will always remember the kindness shown to me from day one. Residents asked me if I was OK, and offered me company and companionship, never questioning me.
I will always remember those early months clearly and be forever thankful to the kind residents. It took me a long time to find myself, and along the way, I have discovered wonderful friendships that I still enjoy today.
The beauty of The Royce is that there is so much being offered there, and always someone to share it with you.
The move to The Royce was the best decision I could have made and forever thankful that I live here among so many people who genuinely care about one another.

– Dawn 


I came from Glenmore Park and the reason I chose The Royce is because of the community it has here. I am never lonely, I feel very secure, and any problem I’ve had has been solved. I am very happy to have made the move, and to top it off, I have made a special friend living at the Royce.

– Satish 


I came from Glenmore Park, and I am happy to have made the move. I feel safe and secure and with its ideal location, I have the choice of restaurants, Penrith Panthers games, and great walks along the river.

– Patricia 


We have lived in Penrith for 48-years and had no wish to move to a new area, but at 80 years of age, the maintenance was becoming difficult and dangerous.We looked at several over 55 retirement complexes and found The Royce best suited our needs – now, and in the future should care ever be needed.
The Royce Village first and foremost is about the community. Security is very important to me, and I can admit The Royce is 100 % secure. The Royce offers daily activities that you are free to enjoy should you wish, and I particularly love the day trips away, they are marvellous! The staff are beautiful and attend to any query you may have immediately. I feel very blessed to be here.

– Francesca

Brian & Robyn

Moving to The Royce was one of the best decisions we have made about our lifestyle. The closeness of community, friendships, and security in retirement were foremost in our selection of The Royce. In addition to the wonderful accommodations, it removes concerns the family could have had regarding our wellbeing. A great place to live.

– Brian & Robyn


It’s hard to turn the page when you know someone won’t be in the next chapter, but I knew the story must go on. Having lived in Tamworth I started searching for an Independent Living style community, from Port Macquarie to Sydney. Searching on the website I came across a story relating to an over-55’s community in Penrith called ‘The Royce’. What caught my attention was that The Royce won the UDIA award for best retirement Living development in NSW in 2021. The feeling came over me as I stepped through the front doors to a warm friendly voice that said, “May I help you?”, that this would be my new home. As the years pass quickly, I feel blessed to be part of this warm friendly community that caters to all my needs. Café, Hairdresser, Beautician, Gym, Podiatrist, and a very active social club. This has become my new home, The Royce.

– Lyn 

John & Denise

We began casually looking at retirement communities in the Nepean area and stumbled upon The Royce. The staff are extremely helpful, friendly, and happy which sets a lovely tone for the community. There are plenty of communal spaces, some open to the public, so there’s no separation from the wider community. There’s plenty to do, or not, you decide. It’s wonderfully quiet and we never hear our neighbours unless we want to. Our neighbours are awesome. It’s also unbelievably close to everything we need in Penrith.
We feel like we’ve been here forever (it has been almost 6 months) and we love the quality of our home, the attention to detail (roof top garden and BBQ spaces, garbage disposal), the internal fit out, the beautiful big windows, the gardens, the Café and it’s food, the staff, the maintenance support (what a dream!), and The Royce community. Honestly, we could go on forever. In every way possible, it’s absolutely OUR HOME. Best decision for us.

– John & Denise

Garry & Lesley

In 2022 Garry moved into the aged care facility better known as The Royce Manor and I moved into the independent retirement living side better known as The Royce. We both served and met in the Airforce and have been married for 45 years. We have two sons and one grand-daughter.
Since we arrived, The Royce and Manor has been supportive, understanding and rewarding due to the staff who run this establishment, we salute you. We have a wonderful social life with organised activities on both sides. You can participate in as much as you like or as little as you like, your choice. The Royce Café is a wonderful place to catch up with family and friends over a meal or a well-earned coffee, or even something stronger. There is no time to feel lonely and there is always someone around to have a chat.
Garry and I are apart, but still together thanks to The Royce community and the Friday happy hour tradition. Cheers everyone!

– Garry & Lesley