Leading VR Tech Unlocks a World of Wonder in Dementia Care

In 2021, Tulich was proud to introduce world-leading Tovertafel sensory technology to dementia and memory support programs across all our communities, including The Royce.

Furthering our dedication to industry-leading dementia and memory support programs, Tulich is excited to introduce another pioneering development in dementia care across all our communities– NeuronsVR.

While its ultra-futuristic design evokes The Matrix instead of memory support, NeuronsVR is an accessible virtual reality platform with incredible therapeutic benefits in dementia care.

With simple plug-and-play functionality, NeuronsVR enables the wearer to virtually explore new environments without having to physically leave their secure, controlled space. With the click of a button, residents can journey to their favourite childhood holiday location, an exciting animal encounter, scenic travel tour or therapeutic dementia program–while being monitored and assisted by care staff at all times.

Key Benefits

  • Quality of Life: NeuronsVR unlocks the power to explore new environments without real life limitations – physical or otherwise. Residents can also share VR experiences and explore environments in tandem, strengthening social bonds and stimulating conversation.
  • Reminisce Therapy: Reflecting on past experiences is fundamental to engaging elderly minds. With NeuronsVR, a trip down memory lane has never been more stimulating. The technology can bring treasured holiday destinations back to life, provoking hours of meaningful memories and sparking joy and laughter.
  • Organisational Therapy: NeuronsVR is programmed with experiences to promote exercise and physical movements. Residents can don their headset and move through fun and interactive games that banish the monotony from traditional occupational therapy.

To learn more about NeuronsVR, Tovertafel, or The Manor, please contact us.

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