Exercise Physiologist

The Royce have partnered with Move Right to provide a health and fitness service supplying both Exercise Physiology and Personal Training through individualised care with a life-long love for health and fitness.

Daniel is an Exercise Physiologist and Personal Trainer from Move Right and is trained in providing specialised exercise programs for chronic health conditions. He works with conditions ranging from injury prevention and rehab, weight loss, diabetes, neurological conditions, falls prevention and more!

The Royce will be providing two types of Group Fitness Classes for our residents.

Move Right – This class will be delivered in a circuit style workout, aimed at working the full body, teaching everyday movement patterns with emphasis on technique ensuring correct movement. This will be our signature class – the fundamentals of movement.

Move and Flow – This class will involve passive and active stretching, some band work and balance activities. Aimed at clients that want to move better and free up their movement capabilities.