A Day on the Green

August 12, 2022

The promise of wide-open space and countryside charm saw eager residents at The Royce onboard for a recent day trip.

But instead of an expected multi-hour journey, attendees reached their Orchard Hills destination in just 15 minutes. Cana Farm is an expansive working property set on 40 acres of quintessential country charm–from the season’s finest produce to gorgeous gardens and the sweet-scented aroma of jams, chutneys and honey being made on-site.

Welcomed by CEO Julie Sneddon, the group learned how Cana Farm is grounded in its commitment to the community. Established as a charity organisation, the enterprise is a safe space for disadvantaged people, providing extensive outreach opportunities, education, life skills and community involvement. Cana Farm does not receive government funding–relying on produce sales to fund community workers as part of their transition programme.

The blend of sunny skies, fresh air and an uplifting vibe formed was the perfect setting for a scrumptious morning tea followed by a leisurely stroll of the property. With gourmet gifts, hampers and fresh produce in tow, it was time to head home and farewell a feel good day at the farm. Special thank you to Martin, Julie and Marlon from Cana Farm for their amazing hospitality. We hope to welcome you soon at The Royce!