Zippers, Beads & Buttons!

May 3, 2022

Written by The Royce Quality Officer, Angel Smith 

Despite the pouring rain in the last couple of months, the residents at The Royce Manor were made warm by fiddle blankets handed out by a group of volunteers who spent hours sewing each of our residents’ names on the them along with little figures, bead and buttons, plush toys, zippers and other textures that the residents could play with and get tactile stimulation.

Smiles were exchanged in the room as everyone enjoyed different themes to their blankets; some have little pockets with cut out animals inside, some are floral, others corporate, all fun and well planned. All the blankets are personalised and definitely brightened the gloomy day. The volunteers also visited some of our residents’ rooms for more conversations and cheers.

Studies in Aged care suggest that tactile stimulation calms people in different stages of dementia as they can show anxiety by fidgeting with their hands. Initiatives like this remind us that the community is behind us in giving the best care and support to our seniors. Special thanks to Lesley Zammit, Lyndall Pickering, Judy Smith, Kerrie Mead, Waveney Plevey and the rest of their sewing group for making this possible. After all, when memories fade, the last things we hold on to are those that bring us joy, families, friends.

Picture 1

Bill Moore having a laugh after realising that he could not wear the shirt sewn on the blanket


Thomas and his smile would surely brighten up your day

Picture 4

Our volunteer ladies with Alick Saxby


Rita Muscat enjoying her blanket


Ellen Wheeler is all smiles because of her new apron/blanket!