A Secure Outlook for Residents at The Royce

April 21, 2022

Ensuring our residents always feel safe and secure remains a top priority at The Royce.

Earlier this month, a chance to hear from the local security frontline garnered an enthusiastic response from the community. Presenting the latest advice for staying safe whether you’re at home or browsing the web, The Royce’s Cyber & Home Safety Talks were a valuable refresher on best practices in 2022.

The briefing involved Senior Constable Julie Graham and Senior Constable Jacob Player from Nepean PAC cover the fundamentals of scams, home safety and cyber security. The factual and locally relevant presentation also gave detailed accounts on con artists, nuisance calls and staying safe when out and about.

A brand-new “Next of Kin Program” was also unveiled to attendees. The initiative aims to slash emergency response times by securely storing the contact details of the residents Next of Kin – as well as their doctor, dentist and any medical alerts that would help in an emergency situation –on a NSW Police register. This fantastic initiative is particularly beneficial for our residents who live alone.

Thank you to Senior Constable Julie Graham, Senior Constable Jacob Player and all those at Nepean PAC for helping make this worthwhile session happen!