Love At The Manor

February 18, 2022

Love is everywhere on Valentine’s Day! The Royce believes that love should be celebrated no matter the age or circumstances.

On February 14, the staff joined forces to create magical moments for eight couples residing at The Royce Aged Care. Proving that love knows no bounds, our residents (all married for at least 39 years) were treated to a scrumptious lunch prepared by our in-house chef.

Accompanied by music and laughter, our residents reminisced the yesteryears with fondness and love. Our staff made sure to make the lunch date a surprise, the residents were ushered to a lounge area turned-restaurant by our creative team; tables and chairs were set elegantly, balloons and wall decors compliment the mood we were trying to create.

The air quickly turned emotional when residents arrived and were taken back to lunch/dinner dates they used to have in their younger years. Wedding photos are placed on top of each table which alone started loving memories of the past. One can feel the commitment of the couples towards each other as stories of hardships and milestones resonate around.


Everyone’s welcomed with heart shaped butter cookies specially baked by one of our staff, red/white wine and beer started flowing as conversations did.

The residents were tempted with either beef stroganoff with mashed potato and roast veggies or a quiche topped with tomato sauce accompanied with peas, corn and other vegetables. For dessert, the lovers enjoyed cinnamon and brown sugar poached pears with vanilla ice cream, and a take home box of raspberry melting moments.

The chef along with the entire team in the kitchen did a great job working with The Royce Aged Care staff to make sure this Valentine’s Day is one our dear residents will remember!

It reminds everyone that we can find love everywhere and in different stages in our lives, and even on times that we do forget, there are people around us who would show us how loved and supported we are every step of the way.

Article Written by Angel Cruz-Smith
Care Team Member

Finally! Anne and Ron Gannon’s first Valentine’s Day after reuniting at The Royce Aged Care in 2021. After 49 years of marriage, these lovebirds are definitely happy to be together again.

After 65 years of marriage, Norma and John are still in love with each other. Norma says John is very loyal and is a very loving man. After all this time, they are always seen hand in hand everywhere together.

Faye and Kevin Herbert met at the Lake Munmorah Bowling Club where they played together. Kevin was a head bowler and caught Faye’s eyes. Faye says “Kevin has always been a character that’s why people are so fond of him”. After 39 years of marriage, these two still make each other laugh.