Taking Action In Dementia Awareness

September 24, 2021

Dementia Action Week (September 20-26) is a significant initiative by national peak body organisation Dementia Australia. It’s also significant to us here at The Royce.

Throughout the year, building awareness about dementia and the impact it has on those diagnosed, as well as their loved ones is vital. But we believe Dementia Action Week is the right time to provide an update on our approach here at The Royce. Caring for our residents with dementia is something we take very seriously. We hope this article portrays our passion for helping those in our care lead active and fulfilling lives.

Memory Support: Customising Our Care

The Manor is The Royce’s residential Aged Care home providing dedicated care and support to residents around the clock.

A modern and well-equipped facility, The Manor is designed to promote the overall wellbeing of residents—mind, body and spirit—from the light-filled and contemporary aged care suites to the uplifting community atmosphere. For residents with a diagnosis of dementia, The Royce offers dedicated Memory Support at The Manor through two care options:

  • Integrated Approach: Supporting residents with early signs and symptoms. According to research by Dementia Australia, dementia impacts close to half a million Australians and almost 1.6 million Australians are involved in their care. The number of people living with dementia is set to double in the next 25 years. With so many people impacted now and into the future, we believe it’s vital to support our residents showing early signs and symptoms. Driven by collaboration, sensitivity, empowerment and positivity, our integrated approach ensures residents have everything they need to lead active and fulfilling lives–even many years after receiving a diagnosis of dementia.
  • Dedicated Neighbourhood: At The Manor, we provide a dedicated team providing specialised care around behaviour and memory support. It begins by ensuring an environment that is both safe and stimulating. From dementia-friendly features to help residents with everyday living and mobility, to the secure sensory garden designed to stimulate mind, body and spirit, our dedicated neighbourhood is built to deliver on its promise. Also intergral to this memory care option is the The Royce’s exceptional team of memory care specialists. Highly-experienced and passionate about care, they inspire confidence and self-esteem within residents to help maintain their quality of life and independence.

Empowerment Through Innovation

The expertise of our memory care specialists at The Royce ensures the latest innovations, technology and research into dementia can potentially be integrated within our delivery of care.

The latest technology to be introduced to memory support programs across all Tulich communities, including The Royce, is the Tovertafel. Behind its very European moniker is a deceptively simple yet exciting innovation in dementia support.

The Tovertafel Original invites people with dementia and those around them to play together with beautiful interactive light projections. Developed to foster social interaction in people with dementia, Tovertafel alleviates the withdrawal and apathy that is typically seen in later phases of the disease. Typically hung from the ceiling, the minimalist design conceals a wealth of features including a high-quality projector, infared sensors, a loudspeaker, and a processor to project the interactive games.

The result of more than a decade of scientific research, Tovertafel is now used in more than 3500 locations across Europe, and we’re proud to offer this technology to benefit our memory support and dementia care residents. From increasing social and physical activity to reducing restless and tense behaviour and creating moments of happiness, we can’t wait to see the positive effect of Tovertafel at The Royce.

Find out more about Dementia Action Week or donate to Dementia Australia.


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