Residents of The Royce: Meet Ross and Judy

January 5, 2020

Meet Ross and Judy Creighton, the very first couple to move into The Royce.

The Ross and Judy story is a lovely one. Both from different locations in Australia, whose paths crossed later in life. Judy, a Western Sydney local, and Ross originally from Victoria, decided to blend their families six years ago and move to St Clair. This was their home until they moved into to The Royce.

Do you come from a big family?
Yes, we do now. I have a brother and Ross has a twin sister. We have 6 beautiful grandchildren. 5 girls and the last one was a boy!  They range in age from 9 to 2 years of age and they keep us very busy!!

When did you retire?
I ceased full time employment in 2015 and continued to work part time for another few years. It was harder than I expected retiring after working for a long time so I decided to contract until I was 100% ready. Ross retired from full time employment in 2017 but has continued to do a small amount of part time work here and there.

Has there been a pivotal point in your life?
No not as such, life is full of pivotal moments you just need to open your eyes and recognise them. For me personally, becoming a widow in my early

40’s shaped who I have become in later years. I held my 3 children very close and  still do, to this day. I am extremely proud of the adults    they have become. They are each married and as I noted before we have 6 beautiful grandchildren. Meeting Ross changed my world again. He has bought joy and happiness not only to my life but to my kids and grandkids.

Can you tell us about some of the places you have travelled to?
I have travelled through UK, Europe, Canada and a little of USA. Ross has also travelled to the USA, UK and New Zealand. In 2015 we took our first big trip together. We travelled from Amsterdam via the Rhine and Rhone through Switzerland and ended in Nice and Monte Carlo. We spent a few days in Dubai on the way home. It was amazing and so wonderful to share the experience with Ross.

What attracted you to The Royce?
In real estate they say location, location, location! For us this was a key element, we can walk to the river and the restaurants down there, pop to Panthers for a meal or a show, walk to the netball courts to watch the granddaughters play netball, access shops easily, Nepean hospital is just up the road, public transport is at your doorstep and we are 15 minutes from all the kids! Other things we regarded highly is having an age care facility on site, socialising and making new friends, and living a carefree life!

How important is the social aspect for you both?
I have read articles that talk about the importance of socialising as you age. Where we lived prior to the Royce, we were feeling a little isolated as young couples were moving, either both working or with very young children. We had to drive everywhere to see people. Here at the Royce you can see and chat to people as much or as little as you like.

How have you found the experience so far?
We were the very first residents to move in and that makes us both just a little bit proud!
As each week goes by the Royce feels more   and more like home. Management have made us feel like we are home and nothing has been too much trouble.

Do you have a favourite place to go in the evening?
We don’t have a favorite place to go at night yet but sitting/socialising down at the river on a summer’s night might be nice. When the roof top gardens are complete this would be a great place to be in the evenings. We are looking forward to watching the fireworks at Panthers on New Years Eve. We will have a front row seat.

What do you most looking about living at The Royce?
Company of new friends, health care at your fingertips when needed, beautiful new home and no more worries regarding the upkeep of a large family home and yards. It’s a dream!

Residents of The Royce - Ross & Judy


Residents of The Royce - Ross & Judy