Noro Music Therapy

Music for the Soul

For ageing adults, music can play a vital role in unlocking positive memories and encouraging story sharing amongst groups. It can even motivate those residents who may feel less comfortable in social settings to strike up new friendships.

As a way of promoting interactivity, social inclusion and wellbeing, The Royce Manor is thrilled to offer its residents music classes by Noro Music Therapy. Visiting The Royce Manor each fortnight, the Noro Music Therapy classes are offered to groups of 25-30 and are designed to facilitate participation and enjoyment.

Throughout the sessions, our residents enjoy a range of musical expression, including:

  • Singing along to their favourite songs
  • Learning new music
  • Playing instruments
  • Dancing and exercising
  • Writing songs as a group.

Since introducing Noro Music Therapy classes in 2022, we have observed an overwhelmingly positive response from our residents, where moods are visibly lifted and tunes are hummed down the hallways long after the sessions are finished.

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