ASSETJourney Named Innovator of The Year

December 5, 2022

We are proud to announce that ASSETJourney, the asset management software co-created by Tulich and implemented at The Royce, has taken out the top award at the innovAGEING Awards 2022.

Hear from ASSETJourney’s Co-Creator, Aidan O’Flaherty, on what this award means to the team and how this ground-breaking platform is benefiting both Independent Living and Aged Care residents at The Royce.

First of all, congratulations on being included at the innovAGEING Awards What does this mean to the ASSETJourney team?

To be included in the innovAGEING Awards is important to us at ASSETJourney and Tulich as it recognises the hard work and dedication we have put into innovating within the Aged Care and Retirement Living space.

As Aged Care and Retirement Village operators, we find it extremely important to keep up with the latest trends and compliance – which is where utilising technology and being able to innovate is key.

Being nominated for this award provides us comfort that the development of business models and business processes through innovation is a worthwhile activity. It enables us to improve business outcomes whilst also delivering better outcomes for our residents.

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What inspired the creation of ASSETJourney? Has it been a long process to develop the product?

With the introduction of mandated Asset Management Plans in New South Wales retirement villages, we recognised an opportunity to build an asset management software created by operators, for operators.

Our experience in the Aged Care and Retirement Living space allowed us to create an innovative product specifically in response to the Retirement Villages Act and Aged Care Quality Standards, with a dedicated focus on compliance.

As with any software development, ASSETJourney has indeed been a ‘Journey’, but a worthwhile one which has been fast tracked due to the excellent development and operational team we work with. As we have developed the product from an operator’s perspective, much of the complexities of an asset management system have been solved at the front-end which also assists.

Congratulations on winning Age Services Innovator of the Year. What does it mean to your team to have won this category?

What an honour it is to be National Winner of Innovator of the Year 2022. We felt privileged to be nominated as a finalist and to win the award makes us extremely proud.

At ASSETJourney, we pride ourselves on being an asset management software created by operators, for operators. To have won this award is a significant achievement and a direct celebration of the great team at Tulich and their experience in the Aged Services industry.

What do you feel makes ASSETJourney so innovative?

As an Aged Care and Retirement operator at Tulich, we recognised the need to innovate with a technology that improves capabilities whilst meeting any legislative and compliance requirements.

The ability to report on any asset, the repairs and maintenance of those assets and provide decision making capabilities for any repair and/or replace decisions has seen our facilities become more efficient and streamlined.

The reporting functionalities allow distinct communications both internally as part of operations, but also with residents.

The key success we have found is that by managing and tracking your assets including the maintenance of those assets, residents are happier which also leads to less complaints.

What has your experience been like implementing ASSETJourney at The Royce? Can you share some feedback from residents or staff?

We are very fortunate at The Royce to have excellent management and operational teams who came on the journey with us with a proactive and positive attitude.

Implementing ASSETJourney at The Royce was streamlined and effective given the import template to upload all the village and Aged Care assets into the system.

Following this, product training and process training were key to a positive implementation process. ASSETJourney was then ready to be a part of BAU processes.

We’ve received some really positive feedback, including:

“Asset Journey has made available a program that has addressed the requirements and compliance of the Retirement Village Legislation.”

“Being compatible with Office 365 makes using this programme easy, with options to download to XL Spreadsheets which can be tailored to your specific Village needs.”

“The team ASSETJourney are more than obliging when it comes to making changes, adding new supporting functions and providing explanatory “step by  step” guidelines to assist.”

“A fantastic program that is workable, accessible and affordable.”

To learn more about ASSETJourney, please click here.

If you have any questions about how ASSETJourney is integrated at The Royce and how it can benefit you or your loved one, please contact our team on 0419 435 311.