Show Me The Honey

February 3, 2022

Harvesting The Royce’s very first honey crop has inspired a creative new competition within our community…

While The Royce has always been proud of its lively community feel, a recent initiative has generated quite the buzz!

Launched in 2021 to coincide with International Honey Bee Day (May 20), this passion project is the brainchild of The Royce’s own (aptly-named) resident beekeepers, Darryl and Barbara Honeysett.

Creating awareness around the vital role of bees and other pollinating insects, residents were introduced to the honey extraction process through The Royce’s very first honey crop–harvest right on location, thanks to our local bees and the beautiful Cumberland Woodland forests around Mulgoa.

To mark this golden opportunity, The Royce launched a ‘best label’ competition for residents to design labels to adorn the jars of honey they extracted themselves.

Selecting a winner from the field of creative submissions proved a challenge, but congratulations to our inaugural ‘Queens’, Robyn Stokes (concept/idea) and Sandra Walker (design)!

Robyn and Sandra’s nostalgic and witty creation, “The Rolls Royce of Honey”, was right on the money–or perhaps the ‘honey’?

Thank you to Darryl and Barbara, along with our residents who took part.

We look forward to building upon this fantastic hive of activity for years to come!