The Write Stuff

October 26, 2021

Over the recent lockdown, our residents at The Royce have been touched by the support received from the community. One of the most special examples of this a Pen Pal program aiming to bridge the gap between local children and our residents during an especially isolated and separated period.

Set up by the Diocese of Parramatta, the initiative was created to foster engagement between residents and students at a local primary school. Receiving the letters was a moment of pure joy and happiness for our residents at a time when vital visits from their family members and loved ones were unfortunately not possible.

Children from 5-8 years old have taken part in this uplifting program, which has brought an unbelievable amount of laughter and smiles into The Royce community. Sparking conversation and sharing interests, dreams and hobbies has been such a rewarding experience—and a way to bridge the age gaps and learn from each other.

Everyone at The Royce is so thankful to the children who’ve taken part in the Pen Pal program and the Diocese of Parramatta for this uplifting initiative. We look forward to replying to our new Pen Pals and keeping the conversation going!

Here are some beautiful highlights from the Pen Pal program:

Dear Susan,

Last time I wrote to you I was 8 now I am 9. Thank you for your letter, it was fabulous. I was so excited when I got it. I have some more questions and I would love to know more about you. How old are you? Where were you born and what is your favourite food? I was born in Australia and my favourite ice cream flavour is chocolate.

Love your friend, Sienna

Dear Thelma,

I am glad you replied to me. What is your favourite rugby league team and player? I was born in Australia, where were you born? What is your favourite pizza, mine is garlic. What is your favourite activity, mine is handball.

Your friend, Isabella

Dear Pen Pal,

May I introduce myself. My name is Addison. I ❤️ wolves! Especially the white ones. Because I heard they look aqua in the dark! By the way I’m 8 years old. And I really want a kitten . From Addison. P.S. I’m in Year 2.

Dear Cliff,

Do you like puzzles? I used to have a lot of sea dragons, but I have no idea what happened to all of them. I also had 2 rabbits but one ran away from my house and one also died. But the only pet I have is my dog and she likes jumping a lot. And I want to know if you like Transformers and what’s your favourite story you made.

From your friend, Cooper


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