Nigella Lawson Reviews ‘Australia: The Cookbook’

June 11, 2021

From the bustling kitchen of Café Royce to London’s foodie scene, Ross Dobson’s new book Australia: The Cookbook has been making headlines ever since recently published. And now, it has been reviewed by the Domestic Goddess herself – Nigella Lawson!

In her rave review, the global food icon opens with an incredible accolade for Café Royce’s very own: “I’m not sure how long Ross Dobson spent researching, writing, and collating the recipes for Australia: The Cookbook, but it is a real tour de force.” Lawson also notes the various multicultural influences Ross Dobson explores in his must-have celebration of Australian cuisine.

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To read Nigella’s full review (and find out her favourite meal on the menu), please click here.