Mobile Dentist visits The Royce Manor

February 7, 2021

We are excited to introduce a new service for our residents at The Royce Manor.  Mobile Dental Services (MDS) operate modern mobile surgeries staffed by a team of professionals highly experienced in the dental care of the elderly and will now be available to our residents.

We all know the importance of regular oral hygiene and preventative care – it drastically improves your day to day quality of life. To help support our resident’s oral health and wellbeing, we are very excited to be able to offer our residents this service – Mobile Dental Services provides everything modern dentistry has to offer with the convenience of coming to the Manor. Equipment such as digital x-rays, high-speed ultrasonic cleaning plus more, results in a comfortable and pain-free experience. The positive effects of regular oral checks have been well documented – you will see not only better oral health and nutritional outcomes but general wellbeing too.

MDS will be periodically attending The Royce Manor for treatment and operate a fleet of mobile dental clinics.  The business was founded in 2010 to address the evident lack of dental options available for elderly Australians. Since its inception, MDS has treated over 20,000 patients across more than 300 Aged Care Facilities and Retirement Villages within NSW and Victoria. The clinics at MDS offer the latest in techniques and technology to make every appointment and procedure as comfortable as possible. Most importantly, all dentistry is delivered by professional staff who specialise in treating elderly patients – they are understanding, compassionate, and very dedicated to making sure they improve the lives of everyone they treat.