Plan Your Perfect Day at The Royce

April 10, 2020

Choose Friends - Retirement Living The Royce

What does your perfect day look like?

Chances are, “a day well spent” means something different to everyone. And at The Royce, we wouldn’t have it any other way!

Whether you’re out of bed at the crack of dawn or prefer a more ‘resort style/island time’ approach, life at The Royce gives you the freedom and variety to make the most of your retirement.

It’s all about living life exactly the way you want to! Need some inspiration? We’ve put together a schedule of highlights from what your life could be at The Royce. Do as little or as much as you like, it’s your choice!



Rise and shine, it’s another beautiful day! There’s nothing quite like a brisk morning walk to start your day on the best foot. Luckily, the famous Great River Walk is just down the road and already, some familiar faces are also getting an active start to the day. The scene is peaceful and sublime. Only the occasional “good morning” interrupts this tranquil Nepean River setting, complete with stunning views towards the Blue Mountains.



It’s the quality café experience you’ve ‘bean’ waiting for! What better way to welcome the weekend than meeting ‘the gang’ for brunch at the beautiful, light-filled Café Royce. All the hallmarks of a great brunch catch-up are here: The aroma of specialty roasted coffee, pretty plates of delectable pastries and the non-stop hum of chatter and laughing with friends.



Set in stunning landscaped garden surrounds with a beautiful array of flowering plants, The Royce makes finding some peace and quiet so simple. Whether your solitude is spent with a must-read novel, or a more intensive mindfulness session, the beauty of nature is brought front and centre at The Royce.



Banish the 3pm slump and keep mind and body busy! At The Royce, our activities calendar is brimming with choice to suit every taste. Are you the active type? Why not grab a mat and zone out with your fellow residents for some gentle exercise? Alternatively, a fine art, or flower arranging class could be on the cards and is a great way to flex your creative muscle and create a masterpiece. (we are not holding those classes but they have been suggested to the residents but they have not taken up the offer.



At The Royce, we focus on making life as easy as possible. Getting ready for a night on the town with your loved one or fabulous friends is a great example. After a quick visit to the onsite hair and beauty salon, you’ll be looking and feeling your best without having to leave home. Better still, upon returning to your apartment you’ll find your favourite outfit professionally dry-cleaned and delivered. How’s that for convenience? And on a Friday there Is happy hour.. maybe something about that?



With the iconic Panthers Penrith – Your World of Entertainment located just next-door, a night out is never out of the question. Convenient and accessible, Panthers has it all – from live shows at the EVAN Theatre to gourmet dining options and a lively atmosphere. After all that fun, isn’t it comforting to know the journey home takes mere moments? It’s just another perfect day at The Royce…