Metse & Peter

April 5, 2024

It was time to downsize and after much searching in our preferred area, we eventually settled at The Royce, and what a great decision it was. Visitors and family liken it to arriving at a hotel, with a nearly full-time concierge and a café 6 days a week. We have access to a hairdressing and beauty salon as well as health services on particular days. The staff are just fabulous, always helpful, and friendly no matter what time of day you speak to them.

We have access to a gym, social club lounge, and library. There are numerous activities such as cards, trivia, bingo, and shuffleboard, all organised by residents in which we can participate as much as or little as we like. The social club, run by residents, organise monthly outings such as musicals, and at times 3-day trips as well as a monthly BBQ to celebrate birthdays.

Our comfortable apartment gives us the privacy we require but also access to a wonderful community of like-minded people who have moved here to enjoy their lives. We have the choice of joining in with the residents or isolating ourselves. At The Royce, you do not have to feel lonely as there are so many caring, friendly residents and staff. Are we happy and content here? Yes, extremely!