Making New Friends In Later Life

September 22, 2021

Ask most people that have made the choice to move into a retirement community what they think the key ingredient is to happiness and satisfaction in later life and they will tell you it’s relationships. 

Those who are lucky enough to have close family around them in their later years say they are fulfilled and happy. But what if you don’t have family close by? Will a pseudo-family of friends and neighbours be enough? YES 100% .. but there are a few factors that come into play, such as: who your friends are, where you met them, how long you have known them, how old they are, and whether or not you trust one another are some of the most important ones. 

Having a variety of ages in your social group works well and can easily be achieved by living in a retirement community and also tapping into groups in the broader community. If you are still working (and there is an increasing number of over 55’s that are), this is also a great way to stay connected to different age groups. If you have decided to say goodbye to work, many retirees find volunteering can be a wonderful way to feel you are part of a network and continue to have a purpose. 

Making new friends

Moving into a retirement community can be confronting, especially as a single person, I often get asked: are the residents social? how do I go about making new friends here? etc..

I usually start my answer with more questions: what do you enjoy doing? Is there anything would you like to learn? How do you like to spend your free time? These questions evoke responses that give me a clue to their interests. From there, it’s easy to work out who shares similar abilities, or passions. At Tulich we believe in neighbours and friends being an extension of the family and we take the time to find out about you so we can introduce like-minded residents and make your transition and experience the best it can possibly be.

Generally, you become friends because you share a common interest or vocation. In retirement, it’s exactly the same..except you have much more choice about where you find those mutual interests. We will help you to Investigate local resources for groups, clubs, classes, meetups, professional organizations, alumni organizations, churches, synagogues, senior centers, etc. Once you have ventured into that new territory you will have the opportunity to find like-minded people. People who share your values and interests. 

New friendships can be exciting and a big part of new beginnings – it doesn’t mean for a second you’re leaving anyone behind it just means you’re embracing the future and all it has to hold.  

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