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The Royce Christmas party 2018

20 December 2018

Our future residents had a fantastic time this Monday at Osso restaurant, celebrating the festive season and looking forward to an exciting 2019!

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17 December 2018

Last Saturday 15 December future residents of The Royce took a tour of the site. They were excited to see first-hand how the architect’s designs are being transformed into the development - walking the corridors, visiting apartments and the community facilities.

Registration is required as tours have limited capacity. For dates and bookings, please contact Cathy Bennett our Sales Manager on 02 4720 5633.

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Western Weekender Article Friday 14 December

14 December 2018

Ticking all the boxes for your retirement community move

There’s no doubt that living in a retirement community has a number of benefits, but how do you decide which one is right for you?

As with any property purchase, location is one of the most important considerations. Ideally, you’ll want to be close to most of the places you regularly frequent—like shopping centres, golf clubs, cafés, medical, hairdresser and entertainment venues—which in most cases will mean it’s probably not too far from where you live now. Of course, you’ll also want to be close to friends and family—not just so you can visit them, but also so that it’s easy for them to visit you as well.

It’s good to think about the type of lifestyle you want to lead and whether the facilities and activities available will suit it. Sure, that swimming pool might look impressive, but are you really ever going to use it? Maybe a landscaped barbecue area or a cosy lounge, bar or cinema are more appealing—or perhaps having health and beauty services on site is more important to you?

Some retirement communities offer meals cooked on-site and delivered to your door, cleaning, personal care or a concierge who can arrange services like dry cleaning., car cleaning or plant watering. A car sharing service can be an attractive addition if you only want to keep one car but might need another to drive occasionally.

Make a list of the facilities and services that are ‘must haves’, as well as a list of those that would be nice to have. You’ll probably never be able to have everything you want, but finding the closest fit will make a big difference to how much you enjoy this new stage of your life.

On a more practical level, make sure the retirement community operator has a good reputation. Finally, try and get to know the management team, ask lots of questions and, if you can, speak to some of the residents to get a feel for how happy they are.

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Western Weekender Article Friday 7 December

06 December 2018

Staying active is important in your retirement years

Retiring from work gives you time to focus on things you enjoy, such as staying active…

People’s expectations of retirement have changed a lot in recent years. Gone are the days when the focus was on slowing down and having a well-earned rest. Today, with increased wealth and better health, retirement is seen as a new and exciting stage of life, with the opportunity to enjoy new experiences. This has given rise to the idea of an active retirement—not just physically active, but mentally too. And there is growing evidence that the more active you are, the more likely you are to be happy, healthy and maintain your independence.

You could build an enjoyable routine around a simple activity such as a morning walk. There are fantastic walking trails around the Nepean River and the Lakes. Or take up golf (did you know that there are 10 golf courses within 15 kilometres of Penrith?) or go for a bike ride with some friends. Is there something you always wanted to learn but never got around to? This is your chance to do it, or take up a hobby or polish an old skill. If you’re planning a trip overseas, why not learn some of the language first? Learning a new language has been shown to be particularly stimulating for the brain and may even help delay the onset of dementia.

Another activity many retired people find both stimulating and rewarding is volunteering. You may have skills that a community group or organisation would really value–getting involved with their committees could also help you make the transition from work into retirement. You could even teach a community based course and pass on some skills.

We haven’t even touched on arts and crafts and hundreds of other things. The secret is to do things you find stimulating and enjoyable–after all, you’re doing this for you!

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Western Weekender Article Friday 30 November

29 November 2018

Buying a retirement village unit ‘off the plan’

There’s some advantages to buying your new home ‘off the plan’…

Sometimes retirement village units or apartments are advertised for sale ‘off the plan’; this simply means that they’re being offered for sale before construction has been completed. There are definitely some advantages to buying off the plan. One of the main benefits is financial; since off the plan properties tend to be priced in line with current values, you’ll often pay less than if you waited for up to a year or more until construction is completed. You can also secure the property with a low initial outlay (a deposit) without needing to pay the balance until the home is ready for you to move in. This gives you plenty of time to sell your current home if you need to, or to organise the most appropriate finance. If you are selling, the operator of the village you’re moving into should be able to help you work out the best timing for a smooth transition. 

Other advantages include having greater choice of what home or apartment to buy within the development, and potentially being able to specify certain design requirements and finishes. There is also no stamp duty to pay on retirement village properties.

When talking to a village operator, make sure you:

•  Visit some of the operator’s other properties to see how well they’re managed and maintained, and the standard of services they offer

•  Check out the builder to ensure they have a good track record and, if possible, visit the development during construction

•  Visit the display suite to view the quality of finishes and fittings

•  Understand what facilities and services will be available

•  Don’t rush, and make sure that you have obtained appropriate legal and financial advice.

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Construction Update November 2018

23 November 2018

Watch your apartment come to life!

If you have seen the site this month you will be impressed with the progress of construction and attention to quality as the builders work up the building, now at Level Six. Unseen from outside, some of the internal fit out is progressing—and given the great level of progress we expect completion of Stage One in August 2019. Keep in touch with our Sales Manager Cathy Bennett regarding Site Tours and building progress.


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Western Weekender Article Friday 23 November

How to make downsizing that little bit easier

Check out our regular column in the Western Weekender newspaper each Friday!

Once you’ve retired, moving into a smaller house or apartment makes a lot of sense. For starters, it can free up both time and cash—a smaller home means there’s less to look after and, in most cases, it will cost less to purchase than the home you’re selling.

There will no doubt be a few things you won’t be able to take with you when you move into a smaller home. Sorting through a lifetime’s worth of belongings is no easy task, but it can feel great to clear away some clutter. Having spent time with people who’ve moved into smaller homes in a retirement community, I’ve found the KonMari Method of de-cluttering a great place to start. Developed by Marie Kondo, author of the best-selling book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, this method encourages people to keep only those things that speak to the heart.

While this may sound a little ‘new age’, it’s really just about discarding items that have outlived their usefulness. The golden rules of tidying according to the KonMari Method are:

Commit yourself to tidying up
Make a day and time to start and stick to it.

Imagine your ideal lifestyle
Have a clear picture in your mind of how you want your new home to look and feel.

Tidy by category, not by location
For example, it’s easier to sort through all of your books at one time than to sort through a living room.

Ask yourself if it sparks joy
Apart from essential items, keep only those things that you really love.

Finish discarding first
Before re-organising or packing things you want to keep, get rid of everything you don’t want to keep.

Following this method really does make it easier to tackle the practical side of downsizing.

The views and opinions expressed are those of the authors, please consult your own legal or financial advisors before making any decisions.

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The Royce Site Tour

22 November 2018

On Saturday 10 November we enjoyed taking future residents of The Royce on a tour of the site.

This was our first opportunity to walk through the spacious hallways and large apartments on offer. Some particularly lucky residents were able to walk through their own apartment and have photos in their new home – as you can see from their faces, they were pretty excited. The building is ahead of schedule, with an anticipated opening date of August 2019.

If you have any questions, or would like be a part of a future tour, feel free to contact us.

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Western Weekender Article Friday 16 November

20 November 2018

What’s best: a smaller house, an apartment or a retirement village?
By Maurice Tulich, Tulich Group & operator of The Royce @ Penrith Panthers

Check out our regular column in the Western Weekender newspaper each Friday!

You’ve retired, the children have left home and it’s time to think about moving into something smaller, but what type of home is going to be best? You’ll need to consider what impact each option will have on your finances, lifestyle and longer-term wellbeing.

If one of the main reasons for moving is to free up capital, a smaller house may need to be in a more affordable location—further from the city centre, or even in the country. While a quieter rural or coastal lifestyle certainly has its appeal, services such as public transport and healthcare may not be as good, which becomes more of an issue as we age. It may also be more difficult for friends and family to visit. For those wanting to stay in the city, moving to an apartment makes sense. They’re generally more affordable and require less maintenance than houses, and they’re also easier to ‘lock up and leave’ during holidays.

Because a lot of residential apartments are rented out, occupants are often younger and more transient (and noisier!). This can make it harder to make friends with neighbours and may mean that sometimes the body corporate has to try to balance the needs of investors and owner-occupiers.

Moving into an apartment in a retirement community may be a better alternative, as it is still usually more affordable than a smaller house and all apartments are owner-occupied. You will need to take the monthly fees into account, but these go towards all the extra facilities and services designed to make it easy get some exercise, try different hobbies or games, and enjoy social get-togethers. You’ll find your neighbours are at the same stage of life, sharing a friendly, social and active lifestyle.

Indeed, being part of a supportive community is the key benefit of retirement living—and most villages can accommodate your needs if they change as you age.

The views and opinions expressed are those of the authors, please consult your own legal or financial advisors before making any decisions.

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Western Weekender Article Friday 9 November

When’s the right time to move into a retirement village?
By Bianca Tulich, Tulich Group & operator of The Royce @ Penrith Panthers

Check out our regular column in the Western Weekender newspaper each Friday!

The simple answer to this question is, ‘when you’re still young enough to enjoy it’! Of course, there are a few other things to consider, and the right time will be different for different people.

Today’s retirement villages are specifically designed to help retirees enjoy an active, social and relaxing lifestyle. You can live in a modern home among a community of people with common interests and a zest for life.

One of the main differences between staying in your old home and moving to a retirement village is that villages provide a lot of extras. Most have a range of facilities and shared spaces that make it easy to build friendships, be active, try different hobbies and enjoy social get-togethers.

This is especially important as we get older because staying socially active can help maintain good physical and mental health, yet many people find that after retirement their social circles have become narrower and there are fewer opportunities to try new things.

Moving into a village will also help free you from time-consuming chores, like home maintenance and mowing lawns. All the landscaped grounds, shared facilities and buildings are looked after by the village operator, so you only need to do some gardening if you really enjoy it.

Another advantage of moving into a retirement village is that it can release capital. This can help you feel more financially secure and often allows you to afford some of the things you’ve always wanted, like overseas holidays.

There’s no doubt that retirement is a time of great change. But more and more people are realising that making the move to a retirement community at a younger age provides the freedom to explore, grow, develop and enjoy this precious time of life.

The views and opinions expressed are those of the authors, please consult your own legal or financial advisors before making any decisions.

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Celebrating the Melbourne Cup in style

07 November 2018

Maurice and Bianca Tulich, owners and operators of the Royce, and our Sales Manager Cathy Bennett shared a special Melbourne Cup event at Penrith Panthers with a group of future residents.

The event kicked off with a Myer fashion parade, showcasing the famous department store’s Spring and Summer collections. There was also a very entertaining burlesque show and, of course, a delicious three-course meal.

Needless to say, it was a great afternoon of fashion, food and fun!


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Apartment 504 – $770,000

With a large, open plan living area, two bedrooms and two full-size bathrooms, the generous space in this light-filled apartment will impress. A walk-in robe and dedicated bathroom off the master suite adds a touch of luxury.

•  Internal size 98m2, balcony 15m2
•  Gourmet kitchen with island bench
•  Air conditioning
•  Balcony
•  Bedrooms: 2
•  Bathrooms: 2
•  Built in robes
•  Dishwasher, microwave, electric oven & induction cooktop
•  Combination washer/dryer
•  Secure basement parking


Apartment 208 – $575,000

This one-bedroom apartment offers a relaxing, contemporary lifestyle with the living space and bedroom all opening out onto the expansive balcony. Ultra spacious, it includes guest bathroom and fitted study alcove.

•  Internal size 85m2, balcony 27m2
•  Gourmet kitchen with island bench
•  Study alcove
•  Air conditioning
•  Balcony
•  Bedrooms: 1
•  Bathrooms: 1.5
•  Built in robes
•  Dishwasher, microwave, electric oven & induction cooktop
•  Combination washer/dryer
•  Secure basement parking


Apartment 303 – $785,000

Facing north, this apartment has natural light streaming into the generous living space and bedrooms. It also has a superb gourmet kitchen with an island bench, making it perfect for entertaining friends and family.

•  Internal size 108m2, balcony 18m2
•  Gourmet kitchen with island bench
•  Study alcove
•  Air conditioning
•  Balcony
•  Bedrooms: 2
•  Bathrooms: 2
•  Built in robes
•  Dishwasher, microwave, electric oven & induction cooktop
•  Combination washer/dryer
•  Secure basement parking

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Big news! Stage 2 now selling

Stage One at The Royce has almost sold out, but don’t worry our new release of Stage Two will give you another opportunity to secure an apartment and enjoy the big retirement you’ve always dreamed about. There are one, two and three-bedroom apartments with an exceptional level of finish available from just $590,000.

As you probably know, The Royce is a premium retirement community located close to all the amazing entertainment and dining options at Panthers Penrith. It’s also right near riverside walks and great shopping, and there’s easy access into Sydney or up to the Blue Mountains via the train or motorway.

We’re hosting two exclusive previews of the Stage Two release in early December. Come along and see first-hand the quality of finishes and take the opportunity to have your pick of the new apartments.

When: 6pm-8pm pm, Tuesday 4th and Thursday 6th December
Where: Display Suite, Penrith Panthers foyer, 123 Mulgoa Road, Penrith
RSVP: Call 4750 5633 or email

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How to ensure downsizing has an upside

04 October 2018

Moving into a smaller house or apartment once you’ve retired makes a lot of sense for a lot of reasons. For starters, it can free up both time and cash – a smaller home means there’s less to look after and, in most cases, it will cost less to purchase than the one you’re selling.

Even better, buying a new apartment in a retirement village means that someone else manages all the maintenance for you, which could save you hours of work or quite a bit of money.

Of course, adapting to a smaller home can be a challenge, so we’ve put together some great tips and tricks for you.

•  Track how often you use things. Put any items you don’t use very often into a box and, if you find there are some things you haven’t taken out after a few months, it’s probably safe to give them away or sell them.
•  Regularly purge your wardrobe and your paperwork. Don’t hold onto things which aren’t useful or that you are holding onto for no good reason.
•  Measure everything before the move—try to plan out where your furniture will go so that you can visualise the space.
•  Take it slowly and sort things in batches.
•  Keep the things you like best—but don’t keep them in a drawer, use them and love them.
•  Consider moving some items that you aren’t sure about into storage or with friends—that way you can see what it’s like living without them for a while before you decide what to do with them.
•   Rather than waiting until you are packing to leave your home, plan ahead and start de-cluttering early. It will take the stress out of the experience, and clearing out will make your home seem more spacious—which in turn will help buyers imagine their furniture in your house more easily.
•  When your house is on the market, make extra effort to clear surfaces, remove personal items such as photos, and take some inspiration from home magazines to spruce up some things.
•  It you are feeling sad about throwing away items from your home, take a photograph of them and make a memories box.
•  Start referring to your home as your ‘property’ to make it easier to leave.
•  Finally, throw a leaving party to celebrate the times you have enjoyed there!

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Apartment Spotlight – October 2018

Discover your new home now, and move in Spring 2019.
• Stage One now selling with limited offer Fixed Fees for life
• 1, 2 and 3 bedroom residences
• Stylish interiors, premium inclusions
• Grand foyer opening to residents’ lounge and bar, cafe and landscaped gardens

Apartment 404E – $740,000

This gorgeous two-bedroom apartment is light-filled all year round thanks to its northerly aspect and large sliding doors and windows. With elevated views from the balcony, a gourmet kitchen and lots of practical touches, this spacious apartment is a very attractive proposition.

•  Internal size 98m2, balcony 15m2
•  Air conditioning
•  Balcony
•  Bedrooms: 2
•  Bathrooms: 2
•  Built in robes
•  Dishwasher, microwave, electric oven & induction cooktop
•  Combination washer/dryer
•  Secure basement parking


Apartment 103E – $775,000

Facing east, this very spacious 2-bedroom apartment catches the glorious morning sun. It includes two bathrooms and a study alcove, as well as a room-size balcony. Complete with top quality fittings and finishes, living here offers you the type of lifestyle you probably never thought possible.

•  Internal size 105m2, balcony 27m2
•  Air conditioning
•  Balcony
•  Bedrooms: 2
•  Bathrooms: 2
•  Built in robes
•  Dishwasher, microwave, electric oven & induction cooktop
•  Combination washer/dryer
•  Secure basement parking
•  Study alcove


Apartment 301E – $895,000

With three bedrooms, a study alcove and a larger than normal kitchen, moving here is less about downsizing and more about upgrading. The living room and all three bedrooms open out onto the huge balcony and look out over beautifully landscaped gardens.

•  Internal size 131m2, balcony 31m2
•  Air conditioning
•  Balcony
•  Bedrooms: 3
•  Bathrooms: 2
•  Built in robes
•  Dishwasher, microwave, electric oven & induction cooktop
•  Combination washer/dryer
•  Secure basement parking
•  Study alcove

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Exquisite shared spaces. Get ready to be spoilt

26 June 2018

Residents of The Royce will get to enjoy much more than their own contemporary and spacious apartment. An array of shared spaces and facilities will form the hub of the community and provide countless opportunities to stay active, get a little pampering and socialise.

You’ll love meeting friends and neighbours in the lounge, grabbing a coffee in the provedore-style café and relaxing in the central courtyard gardens or landscaped rooftop garden. A dedicated residents’ concierge will assist you with booking the onsite car sharing service or dry cleaning pick-up.

To help residents stay healthy and active, the wellness centre will include a day spa and beauty salon, and private consulting rooms for visiting
medical specialists.

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The Royce Game Day – Panthers vs Titans

On Sunday 15 April The Royce, sponsors of Penrith Panthers, hosted its sponsored game day at Pepper Stadium and The Chairman’s Club. Nineteen friends of The Royce enjoyed a lovely afternoon of great food and winning footy as Panthers trounced the Titans 35–12. 

Fox Sports presenter, Jim Callinan, interviewed our Sales Manager, Cathy Bennett. Cathy spoke about the benefits of living at The Royce and the fact that, with so many people already reserving their apartments, there was strong local support for the project.

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Construction is underway!

After years of planning, it’s very exciting to see the ground being broken at the groundbreaking retirement community, The Royce at Panthers Penrith. Construction is now moving forwards at a strong pace, with a view to residents being able to move into Stage One during Spring 2019. 

To celebrate the start of construction, we held a Champagne Morning Tea with over 60 future residents, interested purchasers and VIPs. Bianca Tulich and Royce Simmons, The Royce Ambassador, reported on construction progress and the shape that the development will take. 


We are all thrilled to see construction underway and invite you to our display suite in the Panthers foyer to view the fit-out.

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Experience the wow factor

11 October 2017

The Royce redefines retirement living. The modern kitchen has innovative space-saving features, deep soft-close drawers and an exquisite Caesarstone bench top. State-of-the-art appliances and a butler’s pantry make cooking and entertaining a pleasure. The spacious bathroom features stone tiles, floating vanity and deluxe walk-in shower with high-end European tapware.

Life’s little luxuries.
Luxe materials and finely crafted joinery set the scene for a lifestyle of sophistication. Make the space your own with the choice of a warm or cool colour palette to suit your style and taste.

See it for yourself.
Our stylish display suite now showcases The Royce’s stunning, fully-appointed kitchen and bathroom. See and touch the fixtures and fittings, slide out the drawers, open the cupboards – and imagine it’s all yours in your brand-new apartment.

Book an appointment to view our display suite today.
Phone 02 4720 5633 or email Cathy Bennett –

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Game on! Our team is on the field

22 August 2017

We’re delighted to announce that the initial early works have started at The Royce @ Panthers Penrith. You won’t be seeing any cranes or scaffolding just yet, because most of the early stage of these works involves excavation and preparation of its infrastructure – things like water, gas, drainage, electricity and communications.

As with any big event, anticipation is high. And we’re excited to be on the field and off to a great start.

Part of the early works we’re doing involves making some important changes to access certain roads and areas around the Panthers Penrith campus in order for the work to be carried out safely. But we’ve ensured that no matter what happens, there’s always a quick and easy way for you to get to where you need to when visiting any of the fantastic facilities at Panthers.

Pictured below is a map of the two key changes to roads and access.

A. We’re creating a new entry, directly off Jamison Road for the Wake Park to make it even quicker and easier to get to. The existing access that runs from the main car park and around to the Wake Park will be closed.

B. A new temporary road will be constructed to allow access to the Panthers Rugby League Academy, and for access to some administrative areas.

Stage 1 of The Royce features 52 beautifully designed luxury apartments with a choice of 1, 2 and 3 bedrooms. And we’re thrilled to tell you that nearly half the apartments in Stage 1 have already been sold! With interest growing by the day you should make sure you drop into our display suite in the Panthers foyer and chat to Cathy about how you could retire with the winning team.

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A ground-breaking move for Panthers

20 April 2017

It’s official. The Royce, Panthers new retirement village for over 55s, is officially under way.

It took some fancy chrome spades, an indigenous smoking ceremony, some speeches by local dignitaries and a couple of Panthers legends to get the job done.

Now construction can begin.


The Ground Breaking Ceremony was held on site on Tuesday 16 May 2017. This new landmark will include a luxurious offering – Stage 1 of The Royce will comprise of:

•  52 Independent Living Apartments
•  128 Residential Aged Care Rooms including a dementia care wing and
•  5 Star community spaces including beautifully landscaped gardens, roof terraces, Resident’s Lounge and extensive front of house services.

Plus, all the exceptional facilities Panthers Penrith has on offer.

The Hon. Stuart Ayres MP, Member for Penrith noted in his opening speech that The Royce@ Panthers Penrith was an example of Penrith’s major infrastructure development.

“Very few Clubs have moved to develop a retirement village adjacent to their club facilities, economising on the community infrastructure required as well as servicing their older members.”

The Royce Retirement Living Development is a major part of the evolution of Panthers Penrith, understanding and meeting the expectations of their older Panthers Members and those within the community, to be a part of the exceptional facilities Panthers Penrith has on offer.

The official Brand Ambassador, NRL Living Legend, Mr Royce Simmons, also gave a speech at the Ground Breaking Ceremony.

“It’s an absolute honour to be The Royce, Brand Ambassador. The Display Suite is in the foyer of Panthers. I drop by quite regularly to see how things are going. I’ve seen what The Royce will look like inside and out – impressive – this place even has its own movie theatre! Its walking distance to Panthers Penrith World of Entertainment and Pepper Stadium guarantees residents will never be short of entertainment.”

“The Royce Seniors’ Retirement Living Development is the result of a unique collaboration between Tulich and Panthers Penrith World of Entertainment, with a shared vision which truly reflects our “Retire to Live” corporate philosophy.” Bianca Tulich, Director Tulich.

The Royce @ Panthers Penrith has been designed for the modern retiree, who wants to enjoy an active lifestyle. Stage 1 of The Royce will be completed by December 2018. The construction area is now fenced off and in the coming months you’ll see plenty of action.

If you haven’t been to Panthers World of Entertainment lately, there’s a display suite in the foyer and you can reserve your apartment there. Every apartment at The Royce will be fantastic, but if you get in early, you’ll be able to reserve the one that best suits you.





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