December 14, 2021

When it comes to optimising your overall health, the latest research has shown better results can be achieved when practitioners work together. That’s why we are proud to introduce the integrated healthcare approach of OnePointHealth to our residents at The Royce. As the preferred healthcare provider of Penrith Panthers, OnePointHealth is leading the way with their integrated model, and we are proud to deliver the benefits to our residents. We spoke with OnePointHealth CEO Michael Todd about this exciting partnership.

How does OnePointHealth deliver healthcare services differently?

“OnePointHealth aims to provide all allied health services under one roof with practitioners working together via an integrated approach, which is quite different to how the industry operates. We offer Podiatry, Physiotherapy, Exercise Physiology, Massage Therapy, Dietetics and Nutrition, Chiropractic, custom orthotics via our brand Alliance Orthotics and a Specialty Footwear Store. We also have specialists and surgeons onsite.”

What’s the benefit of this integrated approach to healthcare?

“It is all about getting people better, quicker. Research proves that practitioners working together achieves better results. Even with the single services available through us at the Royce now, our practitioners still have the knowledge of other disciplines and can access this support at any time.”

How did the partnership between The Royce and OnePointHealth develop?

“OnePointHealth has been the preferred healthcare provider of the Penrith Panthers for more than three years now. Our Physiotherapists service the Junior Representative teams and all of their players using our Alliance Orthotics brand for their custom orthotics, Podiatrists and Physiotherapists. This, along with our affiliation with the Panthers on the Prowl not-for-profit organisation that we have supported and given our time to has made us well known to the entire Panther operation; servicing The Royce and involving ourselves even more just made sense.”

How did you translate OnePointHealth’s philosophy into a retirement living context?

“Many of our practitioners have serviced Aged Care before through us. We bring through our people learning in all different facets of healthcare as we service many different people, groups, community organisations and contracts. They have access to all the latest education to practice through evidence-based healthcare and can draw on the experience from our practitioners across different disciplines at any time—an advantage many others don’t have. We plan to increase our service offering at the Royce overtime to offer a wider variety.”

What has the reception been like at The Royce?

“The welcoming has been great. We are all locals as well and love Penrith, with our main location being in the area. We are proud to be able to work with The Royce and their residents. All of the staff have been very accommodating, and the facilities are of a very high standard. We offer the same at our locations, aesthetically clean and benchmark facilities so it is nice to partner with The Royce which has the same standards.”

Which service is proving most popular with residents?

“We are only offering Podiatry at this stage and that is always popular. We had been servicing residents from The Royce since its opening and it’s great that we are now able to be onsite there. We plan to integrate Massage Therapy services next and build from there.”

How is the service paid for by the resident within their overall fee structure?

“People simply pay privately depending on the service they receive. We accept EPCs and all health funds. Our administration staff will phone you after the service to get payment. That has been the simplest way to start immediately.”

How can retirement community residents transition to integrated healthcare?

“We plan for it to be a seamless transition for all residents. Many have been seeing us already at our High Street location so now it will be easier for everyone. We pride ourselves on our reputation and look forward to keeping residents happy and healthy into the future.”

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